Big Male Bears

This Group is for Big Men who are chubby, and have a belly. Nudity is freedom in expressing you big body. Bears are big and beautiful. If you are bear and chubby and you are a True nudist then join this group. We can exchange pics and videos use web cam..I have a big belly and I am a chubby.

In my younger years I was height weight proportioned when I hit my late 40s early 50s all hell broke loose lol the weight started piling on after a people I loved died I just ate an ate . Now I can only accept what I did to myself and I do accept it . I'm comfortable with the way I look hell have the photos to prove it lol just look in my profile if anyone needs to chat just I M me . .........michael

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I feel ya, I am a stress eater too, whether it be the loss of family or friends or arguing on the phone or work, I might be nude at home but I'm also overindulged at times. It was easy to drop kilos in my 20s but not in my 40s-50s.

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