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me losing a few #

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prior to retiring in 2007 i was at 230 # and when clothed i was uncomfortable nude not at all well after retiring i didn't have a routine and even now i go at my own pace well over the years i went up to 270# seemed like overnight but it wasn't well the last 6 months i've cut back eating junk food well not all maybe i should say scaled back and dropped to 240 # my goal is 200-225 # would be awesome . i try to be more motivated i'm the guy in the yard picking up pine cones , branches and being more motivated unfortunately not nude out front and only select locations in back yard. gaining weight is easy the hard part is taking it off.

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RE:me losing a few #

well fell off the band wagon and back to 260# been doing my chores in the yard but hibernating when not with friends and eating . i was just getting where i could look down and see my penis without a mirror but amazing what a extra 20# does so back to mirror. also a total smoothie from neck down so that actually puts a damper when shaving .hopefully spring around corner more nude time including hiking and less hibernating and eating.

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