Bisexual Nudist Man And Woman

Everyone bi nudist/naturist who likes to show his/her nude body and also likes to look at other people's nude bodies.

Became bi late in life

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I have only recently realised that I was bi when I became interested in cock more than I was in pussy.
Now I love it and wish I was bi years ago.
I have told my wife and she was ok with, saying she thought I was bi owing to the interest I was taking in cock and cum.
I love wearing panties and wear them every day.
Now I'm into sharing cock pics and video which my wife takes for me and enjoy live camming on what's app or Skype.
Also want to cam with couples.

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RE:Became bi late in life

Had another chat with my Wife last night.
With my heart pounding I asked her if she had thought about our discussion from the other night or needed more time. This led to another long and at times uncomfortable (for her) discussion. For some reason, once I had raised the topic again, I was totally relaxed and comfortable. I asked her lots of questions, she asked me lots of questions. Ultimately, for her the thought of 2 men engaging in sex was 'weird'. Strangely, when I asked her how she felt about 2 women having sex, she was more accepting. A bit of a double standard there, but I didn't question it.
The result?
Although she thought it was weird, she tried her best to understand it. She said she loved and trusted me, and if this was something I felt I needed to do, then I have her permission to go ahead. All she asked in return was for me to keep it honest. In other words, if I met a man and we decided to have sex, she wanted to know, but she was very clear she didn't want to know the details of the act.
So, there you go! I have permission to express this side of me! This has been such a relief for me, and underlines why I love my wife so much. I have totally underestimated her and as a result, out of fear I have lived with a heavy secret which was totally unnecessary.
Perhaps many of you reading this might be in the same boat. Maybe it's time to consider raising the topic with your Wife?
Good luck if you do!

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RE:Became bi late in life

I certainly relate to this topic.
I was fully hetero until my marriage ended about 20 years ago and I began frequenting naturist places like I had done as a young man. That's when I came into contact with guys who enjoyed mansex. They would hit on me and soon I responded. I could always get a wank when I needed one even though I continued to pursue women and had several affairs.
As I got older I had more difficulty in finding attractive women and I began to want more from men than just a wank. I was introduced to nipple play and spanking by men I met at naturist beaches. Through a BDSM website a met an experienced master who lifted my remaining hetero inhibitions and prepared me to enjoy more fully my encounters with men.
I don't think of myself as gay. I still love an attractive woman, but don't expect to meet one who fancies me. I'm as horny as ever, especially since I took up modelling. But now I'm fully committed to mansex. I love it.

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RE:Became bi late in life

Very nice to hear your story, thanks for sharing

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RE:Became bi late in life

Glad you enjoyed it. There are obviously a lot of older guys with similar experience. I believe older women have similar experiences - they start looking to other women for the sexual satisfaction they can no longer obtain from men.

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