Bisexual Nudist Man And Woman

Everyone bi nudist/naturist who likes to show his/her nude body and also likes to look at other people's nude bodies.

Still a curious bi-curious man

Im interested in getting to know people who are accepting of people like me who are cautiously interested in exploring bi-sexuality. Ive never engaged in going all the way with a man but am open to at least touching to see if I can be comfortable. I...

Not Sure

Hi everyone not sure if Im Bi. Im new to nudist and to seeing naked males. I like the look of women 100% but there is something about looking at a good cut cock that makes me think I wonder what that is like to touch or suck? Would I like that in...

Looking for a Temporary room in one of the...

CD Looking for Owner/Landlord(s) in Caliente or Paradise Lakes or other Naturist Resorts. I am a mature male crossdresser looking to room with someone mature or a couple who have a place in one of the resorts.

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Hi all

Hi all new to this group. Bisexual female. Looking for others to meet and socialize with nude. Love camping during the summer. Going to nudist resorts and meeting new people. I am a person who enjoys nude hugs and touching. I offer body rubs nude....

bi florida smoothie

enjoy chatting with female and male smooth 420 friendlies

Looking to experience with men and women

Looking to share with older men and women. Could do a Skype meet up. Message me

Looking for sexy trans for me and a bi...

We are exploring our new open sexuality and would love to me a sexy Trans for myself and a bi female for my girlfriend. We live on the east coast of Georgia.

Naked People Photo Project

Hello, check out my new project out and send your photos if you want :)

I wish my wife was bi

I became interested in male bi activity just a few years ago. Before then I would never have been interested in cock or watching men wanking. My interests have grown to the extent that I look forward to seeing naked men and wishing I had their cock...

The scale

The scale is actively changing. Throughout life people's sexuality changes even without a person knowing. This can also change depending on an individual's perception of themselves deslite outward appearences. I.e man that likes women, but...