Black Beauties

This is a group about beautiful naked people with origin from Africa.To selebrat the beautiful ladies with dark skin

Always regretted I never dated a woman of color. So beautiful.

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RE:Women of color

I have dated a few women of color and I can tell you truly - I have found them to be AMAZING - I have my son from a woman of color - no regrets whatsoever - would love to be with more

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RE:Women of color

I regret it too. It isn't like I didn't know any. I was shy when I was younger. As a teen, I worked in a Pony Keg, store. If any one here remembers what that was. Without going into detail, it's a small grocery store but with limited supplies. Mostly I worked in the background, not on the cash register. But I saw my share of customers. Young black girls would come in, and a few of them try to flirt with me. They said I had bedroom eyes. I wish now I wasn't so shy and would have talked them up and go out them one or two. They were so pretty and chatty. Yes, i do wish I took my chance, and not worried about what my family, and anyone else would have said and just asked a girl of color out on a date.

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