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Group for nudists who frequent Blacks beach(San Diego,Ca)or would like to.

Headed to Blacks

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Wife and I are headed to Blacks Beach for our Spring Break April 8-10. Going to spend all day Saturday and most the day Sunday at the beach. If you are in the area reach out and say hi!

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RE:Headed to Blacks

That sounds great
Wish we had it in our schedule to come out to Black Beach during those dates. I'm already scheduled to be at a conference in Denver then. April is getting a bit more comfortable and feels she may be more open around others at a place like Black.
Enjoy your trip :)
~ Doc

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RE:Headed to Blacks

My wife and I will be in Orange County the last week in June, and planning on a couple trips to Blacks while there. Any updates would be cool! Sure would be nice if access to the beach is any better :)

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RE:Headed to Blacks

Maybe Ill be able to come say hello if Im able to make. I havent been in a few years. I hope you guys enjoy the nice sunny weather while visiting.

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