Buff Gardeners

This group is intended for those who enjoy the natural aspect of gardening, and don't feel the need to cover their natural state while tending their plants. This group may be used to exchange ideas, and success stories, and of course...recipes, that have been brought fourth from the earth.

Experiment on starting collards in winter

Between sitting home and cold weather decided to try another garden experiment. Collards are very cold hardy and some years ours winter over to provide early spring forage for the deer and rabbits. Since I have an enclosed section of garden now...

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What to do with Mobile Phone or Keys when...

I've been recently gardening (and doing odd jobs about the house) and I like to listen to music when I'm working. When I'm not wearing shorts with a pocket (cause I love gardening naked) I need some suggestion on keeping my phone on my...

naturist farmin

It's been over 50 years now, since my parents moved out of town, bought a piece of land with no buildings, not even a drive into it. Moved into a tent the first summer just to get onto it and stop paying rent on the house in town. I was 4 at the...

Anyone grow luffa

Just wondering if anybody grows luffa (loofah) or if any of the Ladies use luffa.


What happened to the garden in the group photo? it looks very barren. Or is it a naked garden?

Almost Buff Yard Work

Since my front yard is open to a busy street, total nudity is not an option when working there. I usually wear just gym shorts, no shirt or underwear. Would like to try even less. Two options come to mind. 1. A very short pair of tan through swim...

the biggest portion yet mowed nude

Just in from about 1.5 hours of nearly nude or totally nude yard work. For years aoneportion of my yard i can do anything include mow it nude and have no fear of being caught short of someone pulling in the driveway and walking around the house....

tree down

Several years ago an American elm died. It stood on the back edge of my property. Vines began to creep up it which added weight to the weakening wood. Yesterday when I got home it looked a bit different but I could not place exactly what. I unloaded...

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the tradition continues

Mowed my lawn today for the first time of the season. The front yard I wore a long sleeved shirt ( temp) and my barely there shorts. By the time I got to the south half of the back yard the temps had warmed up enough i lost the shirt. then when it i...

are you still naked if...?

got the grass clippings raked up this morning and it was so humid I was dripping with sweat. By the time I was done mulching the veggie garden with them i was covered with grass. Was I still naked?