C-A-N-R = Christian Association For

Christian nudist/naturists who enjoy nude recreation, and who keep Jesus Christ first and foremost in their lives whether nude or clothed. As we know statistically more that 60 % of nudists claim to be Christian, actually here at TN the % rate shows higher.

Prayer groups

Anyone interested to start a prayer group? Respond to me pm


Happy Easter everyone.

Prayer groups

Anyone interested to start a prayer group? Respond to me pm

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Anyone else on Mewe

Hello brethren in Christ, does anyone else use Mewe social app? Im more active there these days and would be nice to connect with other naturists on Mewe.

Dealing with Anti-Nudist Christians

My roommate takes the Bible very literally. About 10 years ago, I had been active in visiting a nudist resort. I told him about it. However, I had stopped being involved because I worked at a Christian University that would NOT have accepted it, and...

Is masturbation sin?

I asked a question in another Christian group on here if anyone agreed that masturbation is major sin and I feel like I got ripped in what I said because I am giving up masturbation. So I will ask you all about the same thing, is masturbation a sin?

Cristian naturist retreat (forming)

Living life at a naturist resort Greeting and welcome all. It has always been a dream of mine to start a Christian naturist resort. Living naturally in touch with nature and God as was intended for humanity. Everyone is welcome to join in this...

God created a perfect world.

Genesis chapters 1 and 2 showed that God created a perfect world and his greatest creations per Genesis 2:25 - The man and woman were both naked, and they felt no shame ( new international version). But in chapter 3 - man fell from grace do to the...

Central Florida looking for friends.

I would like to meet and make friends with other nudists in the central Florida area. I am 61 and married however my wife will not participate in my nudist activities. Maybe if we meet other people socially she would feel more comfortable.

If Man Never Sinned, How Do You Think The...

Something I wonder about is what the modern day Eden would be. In the Bible, Adam and Eve did not know they were naked, but they were, which has been interpreted in a number of ways. I think there's a very real possibility that they understood...