C-A-N-R = Christian Association For

Christian nudist/naturists who enjoy nude recreation, and who keep Jesus Christ first and foremost in their lives whether nude or clothed. As we know statistically more that 60 % of nudists claim to be Christian, actually here at TN the % rate shows higher.

Meet Couple - Indianapolis Area

I am looking to meet a couple that would help me convince my wife to try the lifestyle. Once she was comfortable around a couple/woman it might be easier to convince her to try it. We are conservative, mid-60's, Christian, a little overweight,...

Seattle-area Christian naturists/nudists?

Hi, Anyone here who lives in or visits the greater Seattle area? I'd love to get together, even for coffee or lunch. Bill

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Nude churches

Does anyone know of any nude churches in the DFW area of Texas?

Naturist-Christian.org website

Does anyone know what has happened to the Naturist-Christian.org website? I haven't been able to access it for a few days now. I hope everything is alright. I've lost a couple of websites that I like lately due to server policy changes,...

This may Cheesy

Hi everyone, this maybe cheesy but I feel its the best place to post this. I am a 32 year old Christian and also a proud nudist. I am looking for a Christian woman to share my life with and practice nudism with. I am a confident man who loves the...

Meet Like Minded Christian Couples

Would like to meet like minded Christian couples. See our profile. I am trying to convince my wife to try the lifestyle. I think once and then she would be fine. I think meeting a couple could lead to her trying it. Thanks.

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I need some advice

I am a Christian but as a nudist, I only go nude part time. My parents are not nudists, so I go nude when home alone, which are like Saturdays because they both work on Saturdays, unless it is a holiday weekends, which the whole family comes in, then...

Just throwing this out there

Hey you all!Trust you are having a super blessed week so far. Very glad to be a part of this group and TrueNudists as well. My wife and I are both nudist, she's much newer to this than I am. I've been in the lifestyle and mindset for YEARS...

Naturist Christan group in SE Florida

We have formed a naturist Christian group in the West Palm Beach /SE Florida area. Please visit us at https://www.meetup.com/Gods-Garden-for-Naturist-Christians/ Do you have an interest? Or do you know a nudist or like-minded preacher, biblical...

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