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Going nude at night

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Has anyone else explored going nude outdoors instead of the usual sunny day? My local golf courses are interesting places at night. Sand castles in the sand traps and rather nice water in the hazards. Take a thin cloth bag for putting clothes in, and just enjoy walking around anywhere you like and stay totally naked as long as you care to. A compass will get you back to where you came in, though I usually leave that to my aunt's dog who loves to come out for a walk and play for exercise. Great darkness for watching evening and morning sun display with clouds and I've often stayed out all night to watch the stars and feel nature all around. Foxes and owls are company of course, don't see much of them during the day.

Take a wander around a camp site in the dark, it's not difficult. Just make sure it's your own tent you return to-they all look the same colour at night and mine usually has a coloured light left on inside so I don't get into someone else's again. Night time streets are also interesting to walk nude at night. If anyone turns up, stay still in a shadow and you won't be noticed. Simple.

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RE:Going nude at night

Bare is safe. If you're not homophobic, Bear (the human kind) is safe too. If you are homophobic, don't be. They're safe, even if you're straight like me. Bears of the family Ursidae...NOT safe. Avoid those while naked at night.

Oh...and if you're safe from the Ursidae kind of bear, the grass on golf course fairways is FANTASTIC to walk on, so a nude hike on the fairways will be definitely worth it. I have gone on a nude golf course hike at night, mountains, full bear country. It was very dangerous and I shouldn't have done it alone, but it was wonderful.

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RE:Going nude at night

Night time is the right time. The local gold course is easy to reach, even when walking the dogs, and a big expanse of open dark lined by trees, with nobody else around. I wish it was easy to get in the fence at the pool, but it's lit some and who knows if they have a camera on it?

Skinny dipping, too, is great without making too much noise. There's hardly any place around me without houses, so I'm not wanting to wake up the natives. Still, after 1 of 2 most everybody is asleep.

I like to camp in State or National Forest rather than a campground, so it's easy to not even worry going in or out of the tent or camper, and usually I can situate my setup so I can be nude during the day, just keeping an ear out for anyone wandering on public land. There are trails, too, that can be hiked almost completely safe from danger of being seen. Just keep a look ahead and listen, because few hike alone and few can refrain from talking. What a great feeling to be completely free in nature!

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