Campers In The Nude

Anyone who goes camping in the nude. Be it a tent, trailer. or bus -- just like camping.

Camping in the nude and experiences

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Well, this excites.
Ive been camping in the nude for 40 yeaqrs now( when on holiday only)
Ive perefeered nudists parks generally far from cities and towns but at times Ive just driven deep into National Park forests and winding my way between tress, settled on a sun dappled spot close to a river.
It is always safer to be alone..
However, I have never been not surprised to find some pple, who, wishing neve rto be alone,
track one and then park close by..( the sheep complex)
At times this has been a boon to me, confronted by beautiful fit naked couples, or a man, or a woman, and a wonderful time ensues.
At other times I have uptented and moved along as heavy drinking and loud behaviour ensued.
But , in all, I will always be camping and enjoying the nude life and those wonderful persons that I have and will meet

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RE:Camping in the nude and experiences

Done some group camping east of San Diego. Was great. In a campground that had a site that we could mask 0ff. About 25 showed up. You did have to dress to use the toilet or cross to the hiking trail. 3 mile nude hike in a group. The other group camp had a group hike to kitchen creek. Nude for those who chose, like me.

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