This group is for Canadian Nudists to meet one another and share experiences from across the country. We need to band together to ensure nudism/naturism is promoted as a healthy lifestyle and ensure that our rights are protected.

Looking for lady nudist

Im looking for single female nudist to hang out with at nudist clubs in Toronto area.

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hey Albertans

calgary here

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Canadian's in Belize, look me up

I'm located in Stann Creek District here in Belize. Looking for like minded people to join me out here along a river, my home for some nude fun, BBQ, chat, have a few beers, play cards, hike, swim, you get the picture. Come and join the fun. You...

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6 days with nary a post. SIX DAYS!!!??? lol...Shit, the views haven't even changed in that time! C'mon guys and gals, surely between the 30+ of us we could come up with SOMETHING to chat about? I know that nudism is kind of a limited topic to...

Latest PostHi From Ottawa
by be_steve 
Vancouver here ....

Any other Vancouver guys here?

Sask. nudists

I live near Regina & would like to meet other Sask nudists

Happy Naked Canada Day!

I thought I would leave best naked Canada Day wishes here for all Canadian members, despite the weather today. Should be a nice sunny outdoor naked weekend, celebrate is then instead!

Pride Parade Toronto 2016

Hi folks, for several years some of us naturists took the opportunity to walk with TNTmen from Toronto during Pride Parade as they were the only one's doing this in true naked fashion.This year the FCN has paid for their own permit to walk/march...

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Visiting Montreal

Hello everyone, I'll be visiting Montreal in about a week and it would be great to find some nudist friends to hang out with. Send me a message and lets chat a bit or meet up. Cheers

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