Cannabis Friendly Nudist

Now that cannabis is virtually legal, in some form, in most U.S. states and near accepted everywhere else, more and more people admit to it's use! Many of those people admitting using cannabis include many of us that are nudist!So this group is all about bringing together 420 nudist and 420 friendly nudist to share nude cannabis moments and experiences with each other! to share cannabis...

Cannabis Opportunity

What would you say if I told you that I've made the decision to open a virtual dispensary?

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We are good people

I just wanted to post here to try and clear the air. We are a real account, and we are good people. Our name was falsely dragged though the mud because my wife refused to send nude pictures to a member here. For that reason I questioned why that...

Smokers on Cam

Hey folks! 420 and nudist spanish man, always ready for nude cam on skype while smoking whatever u smoke

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by Hot4elders 
favorite strain ?

as for myself, animal cookies seems to make me feel nuder if that's a word somehow

April 20, 2021

April 20, 2021 is next month. How is everyone planning on celebrating?

APRIL 20, 2019 - What did you do to...

How did you celebrate 4/20 this year? besides starting the day off with a doobie and coffee, I rolled a bunch of joints, then spent most of the day handing them out to friends, and spending some time with my friends sharing! Later on, went to a...

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Your favorite place to hang out for a naked...

one place is this little hidden hillside in the backcountry, that's nestled in a small valley! The little valley is surrounded by low hill tops hiding the hillside from view of anything man-made! it's a great place to be when I really want...

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End of Summer Hellos and Welcomes!

and our group continues to grow! Hello and welcome to all our new members! and Happy End of Summer, or Happy Fall! Hope your summer was a good one! Mine very busy with seasonal work! Yea, the season is near over! and at this moment the slow down to...


Hello and welcome newcomers to the group! Just starting out here and in need of some good topics to discuss! We welcome your suggestions! Hope you get some good from the group! Look forward to meeting you! until then, later! again, welcome to the...

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Would like to say greetings and welcome to all the new members joining the group! let's share some thoughts, some experiences, some moments related to nudism and cannabis! There are now a couple of topics worth discussing! again share a thought!...

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