Caught By The Neighbours

A group for exchanging views on 'what to do' when you just got caught by your neighbour nude in your own backyard.

Old neighbor

Moved to the moutains when COVID 79 year old neighbor husband died three years ago . We have become friends and since she does not cook I cook for often .and I should mention she is a flaming liberal . So I am bring her food and my t shirt...

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Seen naked

My lovely neighbour and good friend has walked into my yard/ garden and caught me naked several times. Ive been nude in hers too so now I generally just suggest I find something to slip on.

Amused neighbours

I have been at the current address since 2013. The fence between our property and the neighbours at the back is only 1.2 m high, for several meters before getting to 1.8m, we can see each other backyard partially. So when we moved in, I introduced...

Neighbor walks in.

In the apartment building I live in (only 2 floors, 16 apartments) doesnt have outdoor space but 99% of the time Im naked inside. Im first floor and and the first apt people walk by from parking lot. My blinds are open enough that people would be...

Horse Trial

Early in the summer, I decided to get away from work on a half day and go for a walk to enjoy the sunshine. I chose a place called Broad Chalk, just south of Salisbury UK. On starting out I realized it was a weekday so there would be very few people...


I posted this to another group yet it seems more appropriate here. This is from a while ago and will be in a few parts. The other day I was walking down the north side of our house along the side yard toward the back when I heard my neighbor's...

Caught by my older lady neighbour xxx

I was sunbathing naked in my garden and was caught out by my gorgeous elder lady neighbour allots happened since anyone wanting to know more just leave a small reply don't want to type a full on story if no one is interested lol xxxx or I'm...

My intro Just found this group

I have lived in my rural old farm house for over 34 years now. It had some privacy when I moved in and thanks to a bit of fence construction and landscape plantings including a rather aggresive stand of bamboo quite a bit of my yard is now hidden...

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New member

Hi all. I'm Brittany, 39years of age, widowed. I'd love to meet an open minded men to talk with and see where it goes, age doesn't matter. Email on:

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