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Amused neighbours

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I have been at the current address since 2013. The fence between our property and the neighbours at the back is only 1.2 m high, for several meters before getting to 1.8m, we can see each other backyard partially.
So when we moved in, I introduced myself to the neighbour Chris then I mentioned I will raise the fence to 1.8 at my expense. He asked why and I told him, I am a naturist and enjoy being nude in my backyard. As soon as I said that his young wife came up asking who runs naked? I repeated myself, and she immediately cut me off and told me not to worry about it, they will be fine with me naked in my backyard. I was surprised by her enthusiast comments....anyway, they did see me naked many times and more than once came to the fence to chat with me. Till they finally decided to ask me if I wanted to join them in ( with my wife) for some mutual massage and fun intimate night...while I would have been ok, my wife was not it did not happen.
They sold their house in 2018 to move to was not long after that the new couple saw me...that when I realised I forgot to tell they were both looking at me, eyes wide open, so I waved and shouted, " hi how are you guys"?...they simply replied " we are ok".
As I moved in the more private part of my backyard, I heard them laughing their head off.
Anyway few days later they caught me again and I raised the issue of the fence but they replied they didn t mind if i was naked in my backyard, and it was my castle to do what I want to.
So no drama from my neighbours from the back. While I know the one above us (sloppy ground), she does watch me...but never said anything.

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RE:Amused neighbours

Its great to always hear when neighbours are chilled with us nudists my garden is fairly private.. the neighbours on either side know That if the sun is out so am I naked, and they can see if Im at the bottom of the garden from their bedroom window if they wanted to .. ha ha
The guy who lives at the back has seen me naked from his bedroom window and has stood in the window looking but never said anything so I assume hes ok with it the last two summers hes had work done on his roof and the workmen doing the work have also seen me in the garden and been chilled out with it too.., lucky me :-)
When its really hot Ive even answered the door naked to the delivery guys a couple of times and one said well done you its to hot for clothes .. so all good here with the neighbours and delivery guys ha ha

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RE:Amused neighbours

my back yard is pretty private as well, but the neighbors on either side and some of the condo owners behind us often watch me working naked in my back yard. Love the attention and often bone up-

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RE:Amused neighbours

I have a 6' privacy fence but the neighbor on one side could see over it from his deck.
The neighbor didn't care.
When the house was sold, I put a wind screen on top of the fence so that no one could see.
At the end of the summer, the screen was in bad shape so I took it down.
The neighbor was in his yard and asked me why I had it.
I told him that I liked to sun and swim nude and I knew he could see over the fence from his deck.
He said it wouldn't bother him if it didn't bother me.
I haven't put a screen up again.

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