This group is here for the people who have been caught naked in public or by an unexpected person.

I was playing a game of truth or dare and I was dared to walk down a block away from the house naked. Well I live in urban neighborhood also my house is last house and passed by my house the an access boat ramp to Grand Lake. So it is in the middle of the night like 1 or 2 am time frame. I walk all the way down and there is a car down there and people in the car and they turn on the headlights and they can see me naked. I was thinking to myself damn I am in trouble now. They drove away and I received a message on grinder that read "discreet, huh? Lol ttyl " I laughed and walked back home feeling a little embarrassed and awkward. I just glad it wasn't my parents like my mom. My dad I could care less. He would have offered me ride.

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RE:Naked walk

Most likely the folks in the car were attired the same as you!

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