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Double Standards

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Has anyone else noticed the double standard when it comes to general public nudity? I mean if you are what society considers hot or at least decent, you will get a smile and a wave and nothing said. but if you are like me overweight, small flaccid penis, and not the typical "specimen" then I get the looks from people like I am some dirty old man or pervert.

I have no problems with my appearance. I came to terms with that a long time ago. But I would like to be more daring and do dares but the few I have done in the past have left me fearful of someone calling the cops. And I can't help but wonder if I was fit and hung if the situation would be different.

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RE:Double Standards

This post begs the question - what exactly are you daring yourself to do? I'm in decent shape in general, but that doesn't make me feel any more or less confident about what would happen if I was caught nude in a public place. Double standards sadly do exist, no debate needed on that point, though I'll bet that even Barbie and Ken would have the police called on them if they walk into a bar without being clothed.

Personally, there have been only a handful of times I was caught in the nude, free of clothes in nature or with minimal covering, not including times I've been places where nudity was allowed or encouraged. Being fully respectful of others sensibilities in those moments caused no waves and I was allowed to carry on with my natural state, except for one time early in my naked excursions, where I was told by a pair of California rangers that I was not allowed to be bare on that river beach. In that instance, she and her partner stayed 100 feet away from me as they yelled their laws in my direction and then walked on to let me pack up and leave. From that distance I don't think they could tell much about what shape I was in or how attractive I was (or not), so that one naked experience involving the law didn't end with me getting into any trouble besides the embarrassment of being called out for my ass showing.

Another point I've heard floated around in TN is that there's a double standard due to someone's sex, that a woman can get away with a lot more activities than a man can. Does it then also follow that an overweight or otherwise 'not beautiful by societal standards' woman would be confronted more often by the authorities in a nude-in-public situation than a female who fits some asinine pretty body standard? That seems plausible, considering a human's natural tendency to relax standards when the body gets loaded up with hormones related to attraction. What turns you on? Do you become dumber when you get turned on?

Another double standard commonly discussed in here is when a couple or a single woman is allowed full access to a nude resort but a single male is barred, due to bullshit female to male quotas, marital status, etc.; I strongly hope that any perceived 'attractiveness' of the players in these situations has nothing to do with any wacky assessment. "We'd like to invite you to visit, but please send us a picture first." During my limited experiences as a single nude male I never encountered any discrimination. It does unfortunately happen at some resorts, but not the ones I visited solo before I luckily met my partner here at White Tail. How exactly does a single female meet a single male if single males aren't permitted full access?? It will be a good day when this sort of discrimination sees its sunset in the nudist world. It would do you well to not hold your breath for it.

Only by assessing someone's actions - not their bodies - that is where the line should be drawn when it comes to involving the legal field. It is unfortunate that there is prejudice due to attractiveness even in the nudist world. We bare ones are but a small subset of the species, and with basic human nature comes outside, un-evolved attitudes. I feel that at least a little of what I'll call attraction-prejudice is subsumed when clothes get out of the way and equilibrium is found. Inevitably, human nature still comes to bear, even when everyone's bare.

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RE:Double Standards

Oh yes theres a double standard. Women get away with everything. Its not just a fit people. Daring or non-daring because of your size, shouldnt be an issue. How about going to the store trying on clothes and leaving the dressing room curtain open a little. Letting the sales person to see you naked.
Dont forget to wear jewelry it helps with a visual aspect. Youd be surprised who wants to see you.

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