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Out for an early morning walk

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In the mid-nineties I began to venture out at around 4:00 AM for my daily walk. I wore just a pair of loose-fitting shorts from my home to the high school track field, three blocks away. After several trips around the track, I became aware I was the only one out this early. I wondered what it would feel like to make a round or two naked so I hung the shorts on the fence and off I went. This was great! This routine lasted for weeks. Eventually I became brave enough to remove the shorts at my property line and make the three-block trip there and back passing twenty or so houses each way naked! I began to wonder if it was possible to venture further, after all I had been successfully nude outside for months now. My early morning walk was extended to two miles through the neighboring residential area until it became routine. By this time, I had not bothered with shorts any longer and would leave home wearing nothing! The feeling of walking naked through several housing developments naked while they were sleeping was exhilarating. What I had not noticed was my walks were now taking an hour or so. One morning several miles away from home walking around a corner on a new street something caught my eye. My heart jumped out of my skin. It was a lady out for a walk and headed straight for me. It happened so fast there was nothing to be done but smile and walk past her! My arousal was in full glory now! Staring at me as she passed in silence made me wonder how it would have felt if the situation were reversed! I was most likely the topic of conversation at her work for days! If this were to have happened in modern times, I would most likely be on video somewhere. My walks were shortened after that to only a few miles. I became comfortable again enjoying my naked morning walks until it happened again, this time by a man putting his trash out for early morning pickup. The look on his face as we passed several feet apart seemed to say, am I really seeing a naked man stroll by my home. I murmured Morning as I passed but was not greeted with a reply. Getting caught out miles from home wearing nothing was amazing and now I was hooked!
My love for daily nakedness has grown to include a lot more adventures we will discuss later!

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RE:Out for an early morning walk

Brave man! It sounds like an exhilarating experience but I would much too nervous to attempt that! You're right though. Today there are so many security cameras and Ring doorbells, you would most certainly be recorded.

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RE:Out for an early morning walk

Agreed, which is why I am much more stealthy these days. I do get out still but stay very aware of video surveillance in use as you mentioned.

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RE:Out for an early morning walk

Still a great story. Way to many people in downtown Phoenix Arizona USA. But the future is looking good to move away from the city. I can dream at least

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