Central Texas Poker Club

The idea is to get a group of guys ( and or gals ) together for poker games. Each person hosting the games will have their owns rules as to what is acceptable on their own property. Only members that live in the area will be approved to participate in this group.

Welcome New Members

Our group is growing a bit. Just to let you know, in attempts to cut down on SPAM posts, I only allow members that are located reasonably close to Central Texas join. Summer is closer to the end and before you know it, its going to get too cool for...

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Cooler weather.

Let try to scare up a game or two during the Holidays. Lets see who is paying attention to the group.

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Lack of space..

I'm sorry that I have not been able to offer to host a game lately.. I have a couple of projects going on that is taking up a lot of space. But anyone can host a game.. Don't be shy.

Anyone up for a Game Sunday 12/19?

Well we have 4 members now.. Anyone up for a game Sunday afternoon/evening or Monday evening?

New Group Members

Hey everybody, Just wanted to let you know that when you sign up for this group, I get no notification about it. I'll try to do better about manually checking but if it goes a few days with out approval, feel free to send me a message and...

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Poker Game in the Waco Area

With the cooler weather coming up on us, I was thinking about organizing a weekly or monthly poker night. I can host it out in my workshop. I have a wood stove out there and lots of room to hang out. For the shy folks it doesn't even have to be...