Certified Lifetime Members Only.

Must be certified and must have a lifetime membership. Absolutely "NO" Private, Or "This user only allows picture/video access to friends," Blank or Empty profiles. Must have at least 2 full frontal nude photos w/face.


Hi, thanks for letting me join the group. Like everyone else I find it frustrating that even members of groups who view my profile and images, when I go to view them theyre either set to private or dont even have a full profile, hence my request to...

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Members Removed

I can't believe it...only 71 members and already I've had to remove one for changing their profile!

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by miev123 
Welcome to the group

Welcome to our new group. I want to thank Steve7 for his suggestions. As friends and many members of other groups I moderate, you are probably aware of the efforts I put in to try and keep all the groups up, running and honest. I love being a nudist...


Miev, don't let your standards slip, we are much better off with a few honest members than the usual hoard of fakes that TN has become in general. Your restrictions and efforts to maintain high standards for membership possibly will set new bar...

Quality over quantity

It's great to see this restricted group here. Sadly there are way too many fakes, posers and scammers on TN. Thanks Miev.

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actuall nudists

I really hope we will attract actual nudists who wish to socialize, we will see.

I am aware

I'm aware that these restrictions will limit the number of members in the group. But in this group I'd rather have Quality over Quantity. I hope you feel the same way, enjoy the group. Please, "stay safe, stay health and most of all...

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