Certified Long Time Nudists

Absolutely "NO" Private or friends only profiles!!! Must have at least 2 full frontal nude photos w/ face . Must have profile pic. No blank, profiles. Must be CERTIFIED! For true nudists who want to meet or share with other true nudists


I'm smooth and I like it, are you? How do you feel about being smooth?

Once again, Members Removed

Once again, I have gone through our group, as I do periodically, with all my groups and I have removed all members, who after being approved, changed their profiles to "private", "friends only", or have removed "all their...

Members Removed

Any member without certification has been removed. As well any members that have changed their profile to private or for friends only, no longer meet the group requirements, and have also been removed.

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Is it just me? Or are there a growing number of private profiles on TN? I can somewhat understand if someone only wants certified users to view their profile. Indeed I cannot understand why any users are permitted to remain uncertified beyond day 10...

Members Removed ????

Wow! Checked the group out and not one member had to be removed. Thank you all!

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I am 73 and been a nudist since I was 12 . my main interest is trying to develop my photographic skills. so I am mainly looking for females although any one in the uk would be good. I prefer to take artistic pics with no sexual organs showing. I...


Do you think all members of TN should be certified and do you think it would help weed out some of the fake profiles on this site?

What's your opinion?

What's your opinion on the requirements to join this group? Do you think they are to strict? Not strict enough? Just about right? Would you add anything? Most members of the group feel it helps to keep the group for actual true nudists, as much...

Only one! Wow!

I only had to remove one member who chose to change their profile after being approved. A big thank you to all you members who want to keep this group for true nudists only.

Brand new group.

I am a fully paid lifetime member of TN and have been for about 4 years. I also have been a home nudist for about 40 years I've enjoyed my time on TN and have met and make some long time friends. The longer I've been a member of TN, the less...