Certified True Nudist Couples

This group is for every couple that has taken the effort to certify as a couple (not a certified male profile advertising to be a couple). We joined True Nudists as a couple with the goal to meet other nudist couples on our travels and adventures around the United States and the rest of the world. Hopefully this group allows other certified couples to find each other on an increasingly...

Hello and sorry for the siesta :)

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We want to apologize because we have been gone a few... years without checking into this group. We had over 100 requests to join this group when we signed back in. Its been really busy for us as we have had 3 kids in the last 5 years and to be honest we have met a lot of other friends to go nude with in person that I didnt really see as much of a need to stay in touch with people online. However, I know some couples arent as lucky as us. If youre ever coming to Colorado or would be willing to host another couple at your own local club or water hole, please let people in the group know. We love our little clothing optional place 30 minutes from us that is couples and women only. Send a message if youre ever in the area. Take care of yourselves.

To that end, what nude experiences is everyone having this year?

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