Certified True Nudist Couples

This group is for every couple that has taken the effort to certify as a couple (not a certified male profile advertising to be a couple). We joined True Nudists as a couple with the goal to meet other nudist couples on our travels and adventures around the United States and the rest of the world. Hopefully this group allows other certified couples to find each other on an increasingly...

Europe fall 2012

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Hello friends. Hope everyone is doing well. Sorry to have been away for a long while and not contributing to conversations like we should as admins...
So we have our home on the market, getting things wrapped up around here, and we're getting ready for a move. However, before we settle down, we're heading to Europeto be there betweenSeptember 5 and December 22. We have no kids, little debt, and the support of all the family and friends to go onthis adventure. I know that some of the TN members meet up in Sandyhook, New Jersey every summer....but how about a TN meet up in Croatia or Corsica in October, or the Canary Islands in December!?!?! We don't have too much of the trip set in stone but we are almost certain that we're going to Lanarote in December (it's off the coast of Morocco andas warm are the Carribean).Could we see a show of hands who would be interested? reply to the thread and/or send us a private message.
We are both super laid-back travelers and would consider a meet up with1 or2other couples as success!
I don't know if this is viewable by outside groups, but I hope to keep thisCertified COUPLES ONLY with the exception ofCLOSE FRIENDSthat you DID NOTmeet on thiswebsite that are nudist friendly.(We have a close friend that might be traveling part of it with us and she has given her approvaltomeetother nakeds with us).

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