Chat For Non Sexist, Ageist, Gayist

As the main chat room seems to become more and more antisocial, I have decided to start a group which will hopefully help create more friendships and perhaps those who are too shy to chat in the chat room can become more open with others.

A few years ago, I moved to Palm Springs. I included the fact that I'm gay in my profile, hoping to meet other gay male nudists for friendship. Because we're men, we're unwelcome at the many nudist resorts here, even though we're the last people who'd want to harrass a woman. Additionally, several times lately on Truenudist, I've gotten extremely suggestive private messages from so-called "straight" guys wanting to hook up with me, often when their wives or girlfriends were away. I already said once in my profile that I'm NOT looking for sex. Last night, after another one PM'd me, I added a second mention that I'm NOT looking for sex. I don't get such messages from gay men. It's only "straight" men who try this crap. Prior to the lockdown there were gay nudist groups here, but every event featured a "playroom." Again, I'm not looking for sex.

I've been a nudist all of my adult life. I really feel shut out.

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