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people that enjoy chatting and emailing in the buff. People relaxing and nude while they are online.

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i love chatting naked for real or on cam great to be seen naked and see who you are chatting to the same way

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Looking to chat/connect with other nudists on Skype, both men & women. being naked as well as masturbating

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Active Skype Chatrooms : TN / Skype room - cleanish chatroom to catch up . Seniors room - For 50+guys only . Naked Playroom - for naked fun :) . Naked Lounge - lounge around and chat naked . Nudist Fun Room - lighthearted fun room mainly for...

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Love chatting nude .Part of my exhibitionist nature. Anyone interested chatting I am on skype Bct9791.

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Love to chat nude with like minded people

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Home nudist to cam chat with on a regular...

Looking for an "in the closet" home nudist like me to chat with on a regular basis. Thanks. Eric, 56 in Quebec, Canada.

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Hello my name is jb 25-year-old male here. looking to connect with older NuDist who are smooth preferably. Love having a nice cam and chat session and getting to know you, username on Skype is whereby is jboom23 dont be...

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Skype chat Nudist Chatroom. Because the other rooms are getting full I made this one for regular chatters / cammers . Not solely to be used as a jerking room , but more a fun chatty room to connect with likeminded . Not to...

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anyone care to chat nude with me my email is, nothing better then chatting nude with others

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Skype Naked

Very new at it, enjoying the thrill not having a resort near,like hanging out nude with others,pm me maybe we can hook up,men women couples sexual orientation is of no bearing!