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This group is dedicated to those in the Christian Nudists Community who will dedicate themselves to lift up prayer request from real people with real needs on a regular basis regardless of denomination. Those who post prayer request please keep the group updated as to the results of those request. If you no longer want to be part of this prayer group please remove the group from your list. This...

pray request for my mom

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i come to you wit5h a heavy heart. you see my mom has gangreen thru ou ther stomach and colon whats left of it.. the doctors are filling her with drugs to ease her pain.. its just a waiting game now.. ive been praying myself to end the pain for her my father awaits for her to come home to him he passes 18 yrs ago. ive asked on many occasoins if she was ready to go home she says yes..i know she is ready i dont want her to suffer anymore.... is this wrong of me to want this i dont think so i only want god to bring her home... thank you allie oh and her name is amelia anthony she resides in pa as i reside in wash state thank you all

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RE: pray request for my mom

Allies, I will lift your request and pray that the lord will take care of your mom to ease her pain in his will. I will add you to my prayer list and I also will pray that the lord will guide you through this difficult time and that he will give you peace with whatever his decision will be. I lost my mom 1.5 months ago and I know how hard and difficult it is to have a mom or dad leave you. I went the the cycles of guilt, anger, sadness, and grief. I am not sure we can every get over it. Something so small can trigger a memory or emotion and there you thinking about your loved ones.

God Bless Allies and may the lord give you peace.

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