Christian Naturists are nudists among the crowd who hold the value of keeping Jesus Christ as being first and foremost in our lives, and the hope of spreading the same values to whosoever so chooses to be counted among us Christian Nudists and enjoy the fellowship, and share your personal relationship in your nudist walk with our Lord Jesus, naked unashamed, as we were created by God to be...

Does anyone else have problems with their...

I am having a difficult time with nudism because my wife is totally against it. I am having a very difficult time connecting with couples and women because my wife is not a nudist. I hope to connect with more couples and try to get her to at least...

Clergy or church staff?

Are you on staff, or clergy? Please message me as I would like to connect with other clergy or staff. Thanks.

A question to MATURE Christians

I just want to ask the opinion of mature Christians in here. Well, sometimes I am having trouble if being in this site (and being nude) is right or wrong. A voice in me says that it's ok, but another says that it is not. Also, as a Christian and...

Hello from Alaska

I'm a single 46 yo disabled lady. I'm nude at home as much as possible. I have been enjoying nudity since I was 15. I don't know of any get togethers in Homer Alaska. I'd love to travel to the different nudist resorts around the world...

Reconciling Naturism, Christianity and...

I'm a minister and I'm also an up and coming artist. I've had some difficulty reconciling myself as one who is becoming known as an artist, and preacher and soon to be pastor. How did you all reconcile naturism and ministry? Im also very...

Lonely in Maryland

I am a single male nudist for over 30 years. I will turn 80 in a few weeks and I have I have written to two nudist clubs in Annapolis, Baltimore area and both have said I could not visit them. I love the lifestyle and have lived as a nudist 24/7 for...

New nudist resort norms?

After reading many messages from members comments after the Obama era, it has become alarming as to the number of complaints from nudists who have encountered after visiting AANR nudist resorts, of men and women being perved by same sex genders. Is...


Hi guys! I'm Col. I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I would really welcome any friend requests as I'm quite new here, still finding my way around, and don't know many people. Enjoy! x

Qld Australia

Greetings, Im Looking for Christian like me who wants to live off grid and sustainable environment. Secluded mountains in central Queensland. Its a purposeful and right timing thing. PMs ok.

HI.Im looking fro new friends.

HI looking for nudists friends to talk with and hang out with.

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