Christian Naturists are nudists among the crowd who hold the value of keeping Jesus Christ as being first and foremost in our lives, and the hope of spreading the same values to whosoever so chooses to be counted among us Christian Nudists and enjoy the fellowship, and share your personal relationship in your nudist walk with our Lord Jesus, naked unashamed, as we were created by God to be...


Seems every true Bible believer has a revelation when they diligently study bible scripture to show themselves approved to God. Many people tend to attend churches and fall along the popular category of the fly away or aka rapture theory, thus they...

Does your church know that you are a nudist?

My denomination is very conservative, but the people and local Pastors in general adhere to traditional Lurtheran beliefs of Grace and tolernance. Taking a biblical position we are to do in Rome as the romans do, that all things are lawful, but not...

Praying naked

No not in church. That would go against socially acceptable norms. Does anyone else besides me feel it is easier to pray when naked. If so can you explain why. Or does it not make any difference if you are clothed or naked. I know it shouldn't...

New to ChristoNudism

Sup, names Draco. Im 24 & Baptist, new to this whole Naturism thing. My folks are quite conservative when it comes to clothing & decency, and I only go Nudist in my room when I have time. Any advice?

A question to MATURE Christians

I just want to ask the opinion of mature Christians in here. Well, sometimes I am having trouble if being in this site (and being nude) is right or wrong. A voice in me says that it's ok, but another says that it is not. Also, as a Christian and...

Thanks for approving

Thanks for approving my membership. This sounds like a really good group

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I was talking about my Christian Naturism with one of my folks. Her entire argument against was modesty is better & less vulnerable. Your thoughts?

Nude Church Group Picnic

Here's something lighthearted to think about since we've been hitting some heavy topics lately. If you were invited to a nude church picnic what would you bring for the potluck? I'd bring the baked beans and potato salad.

Arizona local

Hello everyone, Let me ask a simple question? Where does a straight male find a female nudist to hang out with? bueno Dating bueno Suggestions Thanks