Christian Nudists

We gather together for fellowship. To share about our relationship with God To tell of how we work out being a Christian and a nudist in daily living. We see nudism as a positive expression of our God given sexual nature.

I'm a youth pastor

Hey there, I'm a youth pastor for a church in Australia. Have loved being naked since I was young. Would love to chat with people, support young people with their faith.


I notice that many of you, especially men, make it clear that you are heterosexual and that will not friend or accept friend requests from gay and bisexual men. Do you think they only want to be your friend so they can get off on looking at pics of...

A la carte denomination

Mike Warnke once called nondenominational churches, "a Baptist church with a cool website." It is true, they do tend to partake of that theological tradition. So I got to thinking, if I could go a la carte and assemble my ideal...

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Anybody been live streaming church services...

I wish I could do that, but I can't since I live with my family. What about you guys?


Add me on Snapchat: apolloisnude (please say you're from TN and send nude pics with face so I can add you!)

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New Nudist Friends

Hello! I'm Luke, from Brazil, and I've been nudist for around 10 years now. I want to meet more young nudists around the world and share experiences! I just love to be naked, to be seen naked and to see others naked - nothing to hide! Take...

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Some thoughts about bad circumstances

I figured out that we Christians treat bad circumstances in two different ways: When something bad happend to a Christian, we tend to pray for that person and say something like: God will test him/her or God will lead it to good. But when the same...

Red Letters

Question for discussion: How would Christianity be different if the only Bible we had was the red letters?