Chubby Grandpa

For all of the Men with above average girth -- including: beer bellies, 12 packs, pot bellies, love handles, bread basket, gut bucket, spare tire, paunch, middle age spread, bay window and more!

FAT DADDY tiny penis

Hi! I am an old fat-assed Jelli-bellied guy with a tiny dick that I love to expose! I hope that I qualify and I love to post my pics! lou

Out of shape

I'm a very old grand dad and out of shape, glad to find a friendly group

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Hi I just joined here

Hi I just joined here, could be a fun place if more joined!

well, i'm a paw paw and i carry a...

the group name caught my eye and just had to investigate my favorite topic; old, round mounds of grandpa bellies lookin' for like-minded chubsters. i wanna join in if i may. anybody seen my crotch ? lost visual contact since the wife left, dog...

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