Closet Nudists

This group is for nudists that haven't taken that plunge into social nudism

I love nudity, complete, total, absolute, for me and for anyone. I love being naked and am happy to be seen naked by anyone. I feel no shame that I can be seen completely naked. On the contrary, I want anyone to be able to see me naked, because I consider nudity a natural fact that does not want to be primarily a provocation but above all a being fully oneself in freedom and truth. I love those who show themselves completely naked in freedom and without fear or shame. I am looking for friends (women and men) who want to show themselves naked with pleasure and freedom and who, like me, have no shame in being naked. I think that on this site it is a duty to show yourself in total nudity and that you should not be ashamed of it. I am not ashamed to show myself naked, I am happy to be seen naked, because with nudity I am freely and fully myself. Anyone who wants to know more about me just has to visit my profile to read my description and even more to look at my photos. I always show myself totally naked, because I feel free, happy and sincere in this and I hope to meet other people who do the same because I want to share my nakedness with those who share his nakedness.

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