Cobblers Beach In Sydney Friends

For appreciators and visitors of Cobblers Beach

Monday beach

Assuming the weather is good I'll be heading to Cobblers Beach tomorrow, Monday. Anyone want to meet up?


Hello fellow nudies. New to Sydney, here visiting kids. Would like to escape to a nude beach, can somone help with directions on public transport to cobblers from Waterloo please.

Circumcised only

It would seem that this beach is only for those that have been circumcised. I am uncircumcised and attended this beach as young man. I recived some criticism for having a foreskin. But it was great to show off my foreskin and educate the men how to...

Beach before autumn arrives

Whos heading to the beach before autumn arrives? seems like weather in sydney is already getting cooler.

Cobblers... Monday 18th January

Anyone heading out to cobblers tommorow... I have the day off work and would love the company

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Going to Cobblers on 15th

Contemplating going to Cobblers tomorrow. Have not been there since pandemic started to maintain social distancing. Anyone keen to go?

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cobbers beach

hi all looking to find singles and couples who would like some nude company at cobbers mostly on Sundays let me know if your interested

Facebook group

Is anyone in here a member of the "cobblers beach crew" on facebook?

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Cobblers is still great

I'm new to naturism, and have started visiting Cobblers fairly regularly. Just a reminder to those who haven't been there recently that it's great - even in autumn and winter if it's a sunny day!


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