Cold Weather Nude

Several of us like the challenge and the break with convention of being outdoors in snow, trying to do as many days as possible naked on the beach, to see our foot prints in snow or get the sharp sensations of being in the cold for as long as possible before warming up. The contrasts involve are exhil@rating and good fun to do as dares. The group explores experiences, defines the limits of what...

Escape the cold this winter in Zipolite Mexico!!!

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A beautiful untouched, unspoiled, uncrowded, non tourist ridden beach town with one small Main Street, great places to eat and friendly people. Almost anything goes. Really unwind in a hammock by the beach or relax with a beer under an umbrella. The place is yours! Also everything is very very affordable.

Gay Week in Zipolite Mexico is from 10-17 February 2021
It is a celebration of nudists from the LGBTQ community with drag shows, specials at bars, restaurants and hotels and gays from all over the world. Learn more here

Nude Centre will be getting together a group of guys to go to gay week for the entire week or just the weekend. We have 2 ticket types. Airport transportation, breakfast, social events and specials with local businesses will be taken care of. You just get yourself there. Fly into HUX and we will take care of the details.

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