This group is for those who are enrolled in any college or university and want to share their nudist experiences.


Hey, my name is Diego and I am 18yo. Add me on SNAPCHAT: diegoalejorm Also I have a nudist group on WHATSAPP. Write me +573204541069 SKYPE diegoabogota

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Hey, my name is Diego and I am 18yo. Add me on Snapchat: diegoalejorm Also I have a nudist group on Whatsapp. Write me +573204541069


I have definitely blessed to have a few guys with whom I am very close on TN. A few guys from Physical Exams On Line reached out and asked me if I would play Doctor and they would play the patient. As the Doctor I got to ask lots of questions and...

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UK University nudists?

Hi everyone, I'm a mature student in a S.W Uni - just as a UK sweep do we have many uk nudist students here?

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by Jake97 
San Diego this weekend.

Hi everyone. Fairly new to TN but not to going bare. Will be in SD from May 12 to 15. Would be great to connect with locals. Have a great day and stay bare!

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Tampa Bay

hey all, new to the site here, just joined up over the weekend. Native Texan living in Florida and in my senior year getting another Bachelors, but in business this time. "Use em or lose em" they said about my Army benefits, but I forgot...

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Summer 2016 At The Beach (Outer Banks, NC)

Have 2 rooms available for studentscoming to the beach for the summer to work. Check out the profile and send a private message if interested. Pool will be opening the first week in April (earlier) if weather permits.

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Kentucky College Nudist.

Are there any Kentucky Nudists out there that goes to college or university in Ky. Want to get together with college nudists and spend a nude day together. Post your screen name and the College or University that you attend. I'm Retiredssg12, my...

Naked hang out

I'm trying to put a nude get together on the 5th of march in lexington va anyone who would like to hang out is welcome to join

stoplight underwear party at TPL in ME Jan...

Here's an open invite:I and friends do an event day geared toward the younger crowd, like college students, at Twin Ponds Lodge in central Maine the last Friday of every month. We call the event "Frat Friday", and any male over 18 is...