A group for discussing communal/open showers at gyms, sports centres & swimming pools in the UK. A great place for observing social nudity. Share experiences and name the best places.

Whitechapel Sports Centre

I've heard that this place has open showers. I've not been yet, but plan to try it soon. Has anyone got any experience of it? Whitechapel Sports Centre 55 Durward St, London E1 5BA

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This is the Olympic swimming pool in Stratford. Although the mens showers aren't open, guys frequently leave the cubical doors open. This means that those showering opposite can see each other. It also means that you can "visit"...

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Cliffords (notts/derbyshire)

The gym I use has a sauna and spa area too with 20 spa so has lots of couples go too. The showers have 6 cubicles and 4 communal, its a great place for checking out other guys bodies without bring too obvious. Not many gyms have communal any more I...

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showers at the gym

I'm a member of Everlast Gym (old name DW Gym). With my membership I can use any of their branches. I have used a few, and they all have a communal shower room (usually 6-8 shower heads), and most of the guys, regardless of age, shower naked....

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The Village Hotel

Most of The Village Hotel gyms that I have been to around the Midlands all have open showers with no dividers. They also have stalls which the fast majority use, but during busy times there are often guys that use the open showers so they don't...


Is there any open shower in gyms or swimming pool in Edinburgh? Let me know :)

Pools mid-wales

Met someone and relocated to mid wales (sort of) from Pembrokeshire. Been trying out the swimming pools near me. Ive descovered the Tywyn pool has lanes at least but the change room is divided into many large rooms instead of one open space. Very...

Community showers

I grew up in the 90s. We still had community showers. They made us start to shower in the 5th grade. I went to a country school but it still had many kids per class. You were made to shower and the gym teacher watched. If you had fun last period of...

Has anybody been to Rio's Spa in Kentish...

Hello everyone! Never been to the UK but thinking of visiting when things return to normal. Has anybody been to Rio's Spa in Kentish Town? I believe you can go nude everywhere in there with saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, lounges, snack bar and...

Pancras Square Leisure

Pancras Square Leisure. 5 Pancras Square, London N1C 4AG. The swimming pool mens changing rooms have both communal and cubicle showers, 3 of each. It's always interesting to see who chooses to go private and who wants to show all he's got!...


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