Completely Shaved Women

A group for women who shave their hair, shave completely (armpits, legs, pubic area and pussy).For those who love these women.

I shave my entire pussy myself

I like to be completely shaved, I feel fresh. it's true that you can see more of the pussy then, but gentlemen maybe you prefer it?

Womens views for preference of being totally...

it would be helpfully for other women who are smooth. They can discuss how/why they went smooth. Why they continue to stay smooth. How do they achieve the effect shaving waxing Have they had any unfriendly reactions from women


Here's my wife, freshly shaved for the occasion

I have had laser hair removal

Used to wax and shave whilst pleased with the results it was a chore. And yes I even got my balls waxed. Strange as it sounds it actually wasnt that bad with an experienced beautician and you had your skin under tension Had laser hair removal about...

NUDIST video call

Any one interested nudist group call ping me in skype or hangouts My skype id -Sunil Prakash Hangouts-

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Do you prefer women who shave rather than...

I prefer to shave my pubic area and my pussy completely, so I feel like I'm enjoying the wind and the sun more on my skin. Mag


Just my preference,like them all but shaved is a beautiful thing for me.When the opportunity arises also like to spend time to shave it for the lady with the utmost TLC,and then kiss it lick it and love on it forever!

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Hi All, Me been smooth since mid 70'z and good lady for last 15 years. No other way to be for us.

we are welcome

we are both smooth nudists and we are very welcome to join in this group!