Completely Shaved Women

A group for women who shave their hair, shave completely (armpits, legs, pubic area and pussy).For those who love these women.

Have you ever heard of Trichophobia?

Trichophobia is a psychiatric phobia that manifests itself by the irrational fear or aversion to hair. In most cases it only involves human hair and not animal hair. There is also a related symptom in the fear or aversion to bird feathers. I have...

Feeling young again

Hi everyone, My Wife and I are new to the group. We have been together for over 30 years now and have been married for 27 1/2 years. The first year we talked a lot about what we want out of each other. I told her I really liked the way she groomed...

I shave my entire pussy myself

I like to be completely shaved, I feel fresh. it's true that you can see more of the pussy then, but gentlemen maybe you prefer it?

Womens views for preference of being totally...

it would be helpfully for other women who are smooth. They can discuss how/why they went smooth. Why they continue to stay smooth. How do they achieve the effect shaving waxing Have they had any unfriendly reactions from women

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by Nemo83 

Can all the smoothies remember what colour you pubes were. When seeing someone with pubes I'm often intrigued as to whether collar and cuffs match. They often don't.

What's in a Name?

Shakespeare wrote "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." It is interesting to note that people use so many different terms for the female genitalia. I'm curious to know what terms people like or dislike and why. Many women...

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"Covergirl" thank you.

Thank you, Nemo, for using the photo of my wife as the "covergirl" for this group. It is my favorite picture of her. I took it on a Bare Necessities cruise while we were anchored in St. Maarten. I think the picture is outstanding, but she...

N. GA/ATL area?

Anyone in this group in the north Georgia/Atlanta area? Email me. Scott

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Non Shaving, better hair removal

Recently was introduced to Magic Shaving Powder...5-6 minutes and ALL hair is gone. FOLLOW directions and once a week will keep you smooth.

I always shave the best bit

Hi , must say that there is nothing better to see a woman (or man as I am ) completely smooth all over there body after her bath where she shaves her armpits and legs she will lay on the bed on a towel as still dripping wet calls for me and as I...

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