Connecticut Nudist Friends And Fam

A group for people and families to set up get togethers for the nude life style here in the cold country

Westbrook CT - Early November

Going to be in Westbrook CT for the first week of November -- who and what's around?? Any suggestions?

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Good People

I just wanted to post here to try and clear the air. We are a real account, and we are good people. Our name was falsely dragged though the mud because my wife refused to send nude pictures to a member here. For that reason I questioned why that...

August 15 at Mohegan Sun

Any nudists interested in getting together and hanging out today? Please let me know. Today only. Thanks

Looking for friends

Hey. Looking to make some buddies/friends for nudism, and fun activities in the CT area or nearby. Im looking for people in the 23-45 range. Please send me a private message if interested

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Nudist friends from CT

Hi, I'm looking for local nudists to hang out with. Prefer someone from my generation. :-)

2022 Nudist activity around CT

Hey everyone. Wanted to see if we can get some fresh discussions going on here. I am very interested in seeing if there are any nudist activities going on through CT this year. I would love to experience a lot, from house parties to being outdoors...

The Ledges

May go there this weekend for the first time. . Anyone have any helpful hints or things I should be aware of?

Naturist boating on the sound

Almost time to put the sailboat back in the water. I enjoy being out on the water, away from land , maintaining an all over tan with a nice sea breeze. Sail near Old Saybrook amd would be happy to take along a couple of like minded folks for a 2-3...

Hudson valley??

Please include Eastern NY-ers. Would love to get together with other nudists.

Nude Lodging in Southern New England

Does anyone know of a hotel or bed & breakfast that is in the Southern New England area? I have some upcoming time off and would love to stay somewhere close by.

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