Conservative Nudists

Nudists who politically lean moderate to conservative. We should consider ourselves "politically" conservative.

Did you expect any different?

A Conservative Nudist group posting just in case youre feint of heart. I just saw the results of the Trump trial & the topic title expresses my view. It was rigged from the outset; the scales of Justice were never in balance and there wasnt a...

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About that NPR thing . . .

Uri Berliner dared to speak the obvious truth in public about NPR; its a hopelessly biased, liberal, publicly funded, public mouthpiece spouting the *entitlement slanted progressive* minded points of view. It doesnt matter if its factual, one-sided,...

For President: 2024

Here is a simple topic: At this stage of the game, who do you support for President in 2024....and why?

Just when does voting end?

Weve seen the varied notes / articles on which votes count; it appears to be a mess. The liberals are crying for every voting opportunity to be recognized...and well they should be; while conservatives are pointing out fraud at every polling...

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We sure take a lot of flak on the...

I wonder why the majority of the forum assumes there are no conservatives here, and why they feel so free to take jabs at conservatives and our President so freely? Sickening. The left seems to have no respect at all for us, yet they DEMAND that we...

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We are looking for article ideas for the website. If you have something that you'd like an article on let us know and we just may write an article about your subject.

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Supreme court Justice

I hope the republicans get a backbone an appose the nomination for supreme court justice that the messiah ...I mean President Obama nominated to legislate from the bench.