Corpus Christi Nudist

Fellow Texans and Gulf Coast Lovers. There is another Corpus Nudist group but the moderator hasn't logged in in like 10 years. So I want to start a new group that can actually flourish. This is a place to connect with fellow Corpus Christi Nudist and Texans alike or just anyone who enjoys visiting Corpus :)Let's Chat.

Hang Out ?

I may have some free time the 25-29 looking to see if any is open to hangout a little or try to at least. My schedule tends to change a lot but I keep trying lol. Adam

Free to Hang

Anybody free to hang. My back yard or the beach. I also have a massage table if anyone would like to trade nude massages.


May have some free time coming up the 19th - 23rd in just about a week (6/14/21) looking to see if anyone has some time to hangout or is planning anything. Looking to socialize and meet other TNs. Also maybe trying to plan a little visit to a resort...


Hi Everyone! Thanks for joining the Corpus Christi Nudist group. I created this after realizing the mod for the one other corpus group doesnt do anything with it. I am here like others looking to socialize and chat with other local nudist and...


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