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Nudist dates bets and challenges group for those who like to participate or just fans

Any Dares for me?

feel free to private message if you wanna play

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white dude feeling it YEAH


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they dare me

was out drinking with team mates last friday night and designated driver pull in for gas and they all daring me get out pump the gas naked knowing my naked ways. i dint think twice - rip off my clothes and get out pump the gas naked. was way late so...

Daring Videos

Does anybody else make videos of their more daring naked exploits? I have several of mine here - some are more daring than others. Which do you like best?

Party Challenge

I read on another board that someone was challenged at a party to auction off his clothing gradually during the evening and remain nude until he got home, Has anyone else experienced this?

challenge me to exhib

Hello guys, I am willing to make friends to challenge us, I would like to give me challenges to exhibit myself, preferably from home, add me to my social networks and I can send proof of it

Two Stage Strip Games

I read on another board about two stage strip games. When someone loses all of their clothing, they can continue playing. They remain nude, but can bet unworn clothing but if they lose it again they don't get it back at the end of the game. Has...

Set a challenge

Would someone set me a challenge? I have to do it before I can set one myself.

Looking for a dare buddy

I'm looking for a dare buddy to exchange naked dares. Ideally we'll agree a dare, then send photos or a video of us carrying it out by Kik or whatever chat platform you prefer. Happy to chat here to begin with and set mutually agreed...

Need a dare

Can anyone give me a dare and we see it happen Sue


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