Driving Naked

For those who enjoy driving in the nude.

Yes it is cold but thanks for the sun!

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Today I had to drive over 600 miles round trip. When I started back toward home it was about 27 degrees but sunny. Although it never got above 45 for most of the trip it was very warm in my car since it was such a bright sunny day. So I took my clothes off and drove a good part of it back naked. It was very cold but so very sunny which made it very warm in the car. So warm I had to turn the heat almost off. Lesson learned is that when its cold, the brightest sunniest days can still make the interior of the vehicle greenhouse or solarium warm so take the clothes off.
I wish I had taken shorts for a quick cover up. That would have been great for the brief stop for gas or at a rest area for a nature call. Next time I will certainly take shorts and a t shirt for a quick cover up no matter how cold. Long pants and winter clothes are not quick to put back on!
The best part is that I didn't stress about covering up when passing trucks or other high vehicles this time.

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