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Addicted to naked driving

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I've never been addicted to anything, unless coffee counts. But since I took up naked driving a few years ago, I find myself doing it more and more. I started out at night to be careful, but now drive in the daylight. I think about what it would be like to be seen or get in trouble with it. Where I live that could be pretty bad. But I do it nevertheless because I enjoy the comfort and the rush. It's the most exciting thing I do. I keep telling myself it isn't worth the risk, but I keep coming back to it and can't resist it. I get an electric rush just thinking about it and then start to feel a compulsion to do it - like right now!

Does anyone else here find driving naked as deliciously addictive as I do? Sometimes I think I'm crazy!

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RE:Addicted to naked driving

I don't think of myself as naked driving addicted, more clothing allergic.

By the time it's home time I have spent all day in shirt, tie, shoes, socks, trousers, office with no air-con etc.......

I can't wait to get to the car for the drive home. It is a staged thing, shoes and socks off at work, trousers off and shirt open once out of the city.

Even out of the city I'm often stuck in traffic, so the shirt is easy enough to close when necessary.

Proper naked driving, where I don't even get dressed to get into the car is a very rare but lovely treat - my next chance hopefully is next month.

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RE:Addicted to naked driving

The day after I posted this topic I took my first completely naked drive during the daylight on an assortment of roads. Maybe my post created the urge! It was a beautiful morning - sunny and warm. I left naked and returned naked, although I took clothes. I drove on a two lane backroad, a two lane federal highway and an interstate. All together I drove around 60 miles. It was refreshing and invigorating. And I finally realized that if you're careful no one will ever see. Ultimately, if you can avoid an accident and obey all traffic laws, it's pretty easy. And fun! I may do it again tomorrow morning.

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