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Driving topless

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Yesterday my wife and I had to drive about 2 hours each way on the 5 freeway (So Cal) with traffic to. Once we go started out came ber boobs for anyone who wanted to look. I know a lot of truckers say them. I was driving. On two ocations I know for a fact she was seen. Once the trucker honked his air horn. The next time we were back and forth beside this one truck, the driver took out his camera and took pictures of my wiife, then my wife gave him the hi sign saying I hope you like them. I love it when people look at my wifes body when we are out like that. Its so erotic to me.

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RE: Driving topless

Truckers love it when my wife rides topless. She has so much fun doing it too.

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RE: Driving topless

hi we are truck drivers we love to see naked people in cars keep it up

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