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How about BICYCLING nude?

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I have for many years gone bicycling nude, especially in areas of Northern California and even up Little Cottonwood Canyon here in Northern Utah.
Where and when have you gone on a nude bike ride?

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RE: How about BICYCLING nude?

I do not have a mountain bike so all my riding is limited to streets.
I have been able to ride nude though as part of the World Naked Bike Ride here in Los Angeles for the last three years.
The ride goes from Silver Lake, through the down town area, along the L.A. river then back to Silver Lake. We are on the road for more then two hours and 99% of the people are out there cheering us on.
To me this shows that the majority of people do not have a problem with simply seeing someone nude.
The next ride is coming up in a little over two weeks (June 8, 2013) so if anyone is interested check out there web site:
www.wnbr-la.com for details.

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RE: How about BICYCLING nude?

Used to be a regular at bike riding naked through Tyagarah Nature Reserve near Byron Bay Australia, it has a track that goes for about 10km and as it is next to the nude beach there is no fuss

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