Driving While Nude

this is a group for people who like to drive there car in the nude

Driving naked

noting better then driving with buddies and having you balls hit the seat,,,, i found out if you wear a tank or t shirt the cops wnnt bother you, thay assume you are dressed.... i just wear my black boots and tank top

Almost did it

Was driving alone in the van and considered dropping the shorts. Didn't because: Didn't have a towel for sitting on and emergency cover. Thought a very busy highway would not be a good place to start.

Driving with my genitals out

I drove 100 miles today with my genitals out. How many other guys drive with their genitals out? I haven't driven nude yet. Dan

Nervous of going all the way...

I've never went fully naked when driving. I have taken off my trousers or shorts and underwear and drove along just wearing a shirt... I do admit I liked the thrill especially when a larger vehicle passed or I passed them and if the just glanced...

Im intrested nude driving

My name appu. Im from kerala... i love nude driving i do this ones time

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First time driving nude. Pulled over by...

Got up the nerve to finally do it. It was at night in a rental car on a business trip in Houston. Stripped out of my clothes on the side of the road and drove around the city totally butt naked. My heart was racing the whole time, especially at the...

Offering a hitchhiker a ride

This was pushing the envelope a bit, but I did it after giving it "just enough" thought. A few weeks ago I was free-hiking along a coastal trail in Hawai'i on a weekday morning. On my way back to the car I wrapped a sarong around me...

First time caught

Have you been caught driving naked? The group pc (top left of your screen) is an old pic of me driving naked soon after I joined TN and became a dedicated nudist. It reminds me of one of my first naked drives. I was driving without any clothes with...

Planning on a nude drive, PA to FL

The planned route is PA-15 to I-81, I-77, I-26, I-95. I've done the I-95 route before but never the westerly route. Any suggestions? Well, I say suggestions, what I really mean is comments, observations or anecdotes.

Im not alone!

Ive loved stripping naked while driving ever since i got my permit. Its so exciting when a car passes you! I love this site! I never thought i would be able to share these stories. I was heading home after work and stopped by and took a dip in the...

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