Elegant Nudist Ladies

Surely, like myself, many nudist ladies like to occasionally be elegant and admired. It may be for an evening in a resort, for your relevant other, for a dressed down or bottomless party... We know that elegant means at the minimum high heels, make-up and perfume. But it may mean also thigh highs, opera gloves, hats, fishnet or transparent dresses... That plus a smile. Nothing sexual, no crotch...

Now this is a topic about playful spanking so you may want to stop reading here. Of course, spanking is a sexual fetish and speaking about sex is forbidden among naturists. But I will not be speaking about sex at all. However, please discontinue reading if such topic hurts you feeling.

I am of course against any form of violence directed against women. And against men too in fact. Except when they (ie men) deserve it. Which yes, they sometimes do. I am a big girl and I have been doing martial arts for 15 years so I think I could take 90% of guys I meet. But even before doing martial arts (kick boxing, traditional and Brazilian jiu-jitsu) I had to defend myself against some dudes. I was close to be raped twice (once under the threat of a blade), I was "inappropriately touched" a few times, in clubs, in the street or in a bus (the French even have a specific term for the latter, "frotteurs"). So yes, there are guys who were surprised about how strong I am and how hard I can hit - and some of them must still be wearing distinctive marks to prove it. I gave an example about this in another topic.

But other than in self defence, I am strongly against any forms of violence, in particular against women. And yes, this includes spanking. Spanking is awful.

Except of course when it's not. Because rules have exceptions don't they. I am a curious and playful person and sometimes, being put on the knees and receiving a light spanking on my bare buttocks is not a disagreeable experience. Of course the key word here is "light". It should not sting a lot, just enough so that after a dozen small slaps the buttocks are warm and pink. And of course every couple of such small slaps should be followed by a caress to sooth the skin. D does this very well and this always more than prepares me for the continuation of the game... Now, this doesn't happen every day, it would lose its charm. Not even every week. Probably not even every month.

What about being whipped? On all the body? By strangers? That sounds absolutely awful. Should I tell that story? Ok, I'll dare. Don't judge.

We were in Cap for the second time, decided to try out all the remaining "attractions". There were not many left, one club (swingers' of course) and... Clair Obscur, the SM club.

Clair Obscur has a strict dress code, leather or latex or at the minumum black. I think red latex was also acceptable for ladies. Not too difficult, D was almost always wearing black and most of my dresses were either black or red and I had a couple of latex dresses too - one bought there although you can buy it online for 10% of the price. But D liked to play Pretty Woman and have me try them out to make sure that they fit. And most shops there (sex shops actually) don't have fitting rooms.

First time we wanted to visit Clair Obscur I chickened out before entering. There were two young women there, smoking, and one of them was wearing only a short leather skirt - and terrible whipping or canning marks on her back. Her chest also had pink marks, but those were not scary, just light ones which, if you have sensitive skin (like mine) appear without much pain. However, her back was a mess, red and blue and black traces everywhere. I don't know how this doesn't leave permanent marks.

They were smoking and laughing and in general seemed to have a good time. They finished the cigarettes and got back in, holding hands and giggling. That lovely young back looked DESTROYED and now I could see that she had the same kind of marks also on the back of her thighs. I didn't want to see anything of the level of violence that girls' marks indicated so I said no and we went back home.

But a couple of days later, persecuted by my curiosity, I gathered my courage and off we went. I was wearing black of course, high heels, thigh highs, a mask and a short latex dress with a full-length zipper in front (I can post a couple of pics of that outfit to illustrate if you wish). Of course, no underwear, this was Cap, remember? Yes, OK, and a collar which we had bought there so that D can put and walk me on a leash. And yes, I was brought to Clair and we got in on a leash. It costs maybe around 60 euros per couple, with a drink and a buffet included. We didn't pay much attention to the buffet as we were coming from the restaurant.

It's a bizarre place and I was quite nervous so I don't remember much of it. We entered a lobby with red sofas all around, where we had a drink for me to calm down a bit, then we started to explore the place. It is not huge and mainly made of small pieces, dark and with some limited red lights illuminating various instruments and installations of torture. A cage, a wheel, a cross, etc. Women walking their naked male slaves on their four, men walking their female slaves, men walking their male slaves... I don't remember any female dom-sub couple although I had seen a few such couples in other places. Some slaves were naked, some wore sexy outfits, some full leather or latex outfits... Maybe something like 30 people in total?

All in all, during our short stay, maybe around 1.5h, I only saw one sexual act - and I'm not even sure it was one. A slave, all covered in latex, face too, was on her (unless it's his, could have been a very thin guy or a small breasted woman, my impression was that it was a women, D thought the opposite) knees, offering (I think, but I am not sure) his or her master oral pleasure. There was an open mezzanine which seemed to have play corners, but I didn't see much activity when we came in, we never got up there and when we went out I was not able to pay much attention to the environment...

D stopped in front of a wooden spanking horse and asked me for my dress. I had a full-length zipper in front, I hesitated a bit looking around, then I took it off and handed it to him. I don't know what he did with it, I suspect he left it with the manager, because I only saw it back after a couple of days. He bent me over the bench, restrained my hands and took from a wall a whip. I was scared for a moment, but it was a silk whip, one of those who don't really sting, just a very little pleasant bit but make a surprisingly loud noise. He worked consciously on my buttocks and my thighs, kept in place, wide open, while discussing with some other guys (very few single guys in there, mostly couples) about the does and don'ts with me.

I am very much for gender equality and all but I admit that there is something atavistic, deeply unsettling and erotic in being exposed and whipped (with a fake, silk whip) in front of others. We are not deep into SM, we don't have a safe word or anything, but of course I knew that the game would have stopped if I had asked to. Two - three strikes, one caress to sooth the skin... I didn't ask him to stop...

Then he took the restrains off, he put the leash back on and took me to the entrance lobby and offered me a cocktail. He attached the leash to the bar, keeping me there, standing naked, to be admired by all passers-by, while he was relaxing on the sofa, but I was thankful that he didn't walk me on my four (I have sensitive skin) or make me drink from a bowl on the floor, as I had seen other masters doing with their slaves.

Then he took me to the vertical X-shaped cross, in wood and with cuffs at each extremity, took the leash off and placed me on the cross - face out. Then he cuffed my arms and legs and blindfolded me. It's deeply unsettling to be like this, naked, arms up, legs wide apart and unable to see with what and when you will be whipped.

He started on my thighs, working his way up. Slap, slap, caress... it was also something soft, made of cloth or silk, but likely not the same because I felt the sting a bit more. Or maybe that was just because the frontal part of my body is more sensitive? I discovered that my most sensitive parts are not, as I would have thought, my lady bits, but the insight of my thighs. All while speaking, sotto vice, with other curious patrons. I don't know who they were, I don't know how many they were.

Then he let others whip me. I think they were two. Maybe three. I even heard his soft instructions to one, something like "Light strikes, you can caress, no slaps, no squeeze, no penetration". I thought he was testing me, I could have said stop, but I didn't... I wanted to show off I guess, how resilient I am, how obedient I am...

Was I aroused? Yes, but more when I was whipped by D then when I was whipped and touched by the two (or three?) guys, while D was watching. In that position, it was undoubtedly already visible, because they checked and praised me... I was a piece of meat, everything I am technically against, being spoken about at the third person, like an object, my lady bits evaluated, praised and whipped... But D's presence made everything erotic instead of scary... Yes, there is a feeling of transgression, the couple of drinks I had had, which somehow transformed the experience from dreadful to erotic.

The first one had soft hands and caressed me more than spanked me, all in silence. He was aiming mostly at my "bikini area" and touched only the spanked bits. The second one was rougher and spoke to me all the time, calling me bitch, asking whether I liked it, whether he should do to me this and that... I was answering just "Oui Monsieur". The third one (could have been the same, maybe D asked him to shut up) also had rough hands and, like the second one, was aiming mostly at my thighs because he could see from my reactions that this was were the whip stang more, but was touching me roughly everywhere.

Then it was silence. D uncuffed me and took my blindfold off. We were alone, I never knew who were my torturers or whether they were two or three. D put back on my leash and took me to a mirror. The whip marks were surprisingly clear, lots of pink bands all over my body - nothing like the lady I had seen before, just light pink temporary traces but still you couldn't miss them even in that dim light. Then he took me home, but not on the shortest route, he walked me all along the main alley, in front of all restaurant terraces...

I was very ashamed to be walked like this, on a leash and dressed only in thing highs, a mask, a collar and pink whip marks. Everybody was looking, I tried not to look around but I was seeing them turning their heads towards me, some applauding, some making appreciative but quite rude comments about my body, some asking D whether he was sharing his good girl... But I was somehow proud too. I had done it, I had gone to the limit, I had been the whipped slave in a swingers' dungeon... For my love for D (and a bit my curiosity, I admit...).

So I decided to raise my chin up, put my chest out and move my hips in a real long catwalk. I was uncovered and they were all dressed up, so what? They too are uncovered during the day and can see me nude any time they want, so what's the issue? This is evening in Cap, all is a show, we are all actors, let's give them their show... I was still ashamed and undoubtedly red in the face and a few were still making some (relatively) unpleasant comments but most were nice and civil and I enjoyed their praises about my catwalk... It was daring but also yes, somehow arousing...

So when we got home and D pushed me over the diner table without even bothering to close the huge bay windows I didn't need many extra slaps to feel my buttocks toast warm and be oh so ready...

Of course, if there is an interest I can upload pics with my outfit(s) that evening - when going in or when going out of the club. That is, if anyone has got this far with the reading.

So from the time spent there I spent more than half either in the lobby or being "punished". I saw some whipping, but also soft, like mine, nothing of the kind which must have left this marks on the young lady I had seen two days before. Do I regret having done it? No. Would I go back there again? Also no. A bit like roller coasters, I don't like them, I don't want to get back in one, but doh regret having tried a few to know what gives.

And now, as usual, my questions will be about your opinions. Not in general about SM - I think most men like it (except for extremes) and most women abhore it - except maybe for soft and progressive experiences. Let's make the questions specific.

So guys and gals. You enter as a curious visitor in Clair Obscur and find me there, attached to the whipping cross, naked, arms and legs spread out, blindfolded and offered. Will you whip me? Will you reach for the soft, silk whip or for a solid leather one? Which bits will you mostly aim for? And how many strikes for a caress?

Bet nobody (or almost) will dare to answer.

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RE:Clair obscur

Wow, what a story... that's a long one too (as the actress said to the Bishop).

Anywho, to the questions...

I would have picked up the silk whip I think, but just to caress you with it, you know pass the silk stands over your body, but sorry to disappoint, that would be it... I cannot see myself striking you at all, even in a way that leaves little or no impression. Somewhat pointless, I know.

Other thoughts...

Does it surprise me you'd submit... yes to be honest, you don't seem the type in your nature (from what you have shared or I've read) to be treated or spoken to in such a way, even if only as a role you played.

Do I think SM is dangerous, I don't know, I think it may encourage unacceptable behaviours against men and women... not something I'm going to try... unless a beautiful blonde woman asks me I guess.

Unbound Richie.

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RE:Clair obscur

I'd likely never make it in, but if so, I'd be trying to achieve that fine line of bad but not too bad. Silk.

More likely I'd be finding it impossible to ignore your state (and, indeed, presence) as you found you way home, wondering what exactly had transpired. Except, thanks to your commentary I do have an insight.

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RE:Clair obscur

Wow... you are excelling yourself... what a marvellous, detailed description of that world... and your fearless (or maybe even with fear, but doing it anyway?) exploration ... and how wonderfully arousing, and at the same time a little disturbing... I've never quite understood the appeal of S&M (and let's not go into what that says or doesn't say about me), but the atmosphere you have described is at once strange and erotically powerful...
If I (and a partner-the cost of a single entry would be prohibitive, if even possible) should be in that room, I would firstly, move around and observe... perhaps gauge what gives you pleasure... but I would also use the silk whip more as a caress than a scourge... although perhaps my observations and your responses might alter that...

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RE:Clair obscur

Exploring yourself and your partner can be amazing; there is so much in life that most never realize or accept. I think you would go back in a second; ecstasy is addicting!

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RE:Clair obscur

Great story, thank you for sharing. Most of us would probably never be able to go into a place like that. But you never know.

I know for myself, I would not allow someone to control me that much. Trust factors! Luckily, you have D there to protect you from the unwanted.

For me No, I would not be whipping you. With the silk or the leather, because I probably wouldnt be there. Not to mention, Im not into pain, I enjoy the power of touch instead.

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RE:Clair obscur

Hey, surprise-surprise, a few guys dared to answer... Some practical answers. Very few single guys are admitted in CO, less than 10 probably. They pay a bit more than a couple. I suspect that the guys who whipped me were single but I can't be sure. Would I have objected if D had whipped another slave? No, I wouldn't have.

I've said several times that I do have some submissive tendencies but only with one person, sometimes and playfully. I'm anything but submissive otherwise.

What about that "walk of shame"? Would you like to walk me like this, on a leash, naked and with whip marks, in front of restaurant terraces, in some narrow places so close that I would almost touch the patrons? I tried to transform it in a show but I was all red in the face... Would you do it or would you feel that it's too humiliating for me and makes you look like a women hater?

I'll add a few pics with the outfit of that evening...

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RE:Clair obscur

Hey, surprise-surprise, a few guys dared to answer... Some practical answers. Very few single guys are admitted in CO, less than 10 probably. They pay a bit more than a couple. I suspect that the guys who whipped me were single but I can't be sure. Would I have objected if D had whipped another slave? No, I wouldn't have.I've said several times that I do have some submissive tendencies but only with one person, sometimes and playfully. I'm anything but submissive otherwise.What about that "walk of shame"? Would you like to walk me like this, on a leash, naked and with whip marks, in front of restaurant terraces, in some narrow places so close that I would almost touch the patrons? I tried to transform it in a show but I was all red in the face... Would you do it or would you feel that it's too humiliating for me and makes you look like a women hater?I'll add a few pics with the outfit of that evening...

The added photos are great thanks for the share, until mod deletes them all of course; in answer... no I would not parade you if I found you naked, whipped and on a leash... I would take you home and tend to your injuries with a soothing salve hoping to make it feel better. I'm not into humiliation in any form, even as a jest and as part of role play.

Unhumiliating Richie

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RE:Clair obscur

You know what I would like to have you on a leash , okay yes I would ! Its got be amazing feeling parading you around like that !

Its getting you with the whip marks that I could not do. Oh thats got be beautiful cat walking ahead of me naked with high heals, stockings, and gloves and a mask ! Not sure if I could walk straight though. It would be nice to pull the leash ever so often to keep control of you.

Thank you for the thoughts of what it would be like ! But oh you are a amazing woman

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RE:Clair obscur

In my story, there was one small thing added for a bit of extra spice. Wonder if anyone had a hint...

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RE:Clair obscur


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