nudist info for europe, good places, good info, whats considered as acceptable in your region. group for all users, men/women/couples/families, lets try and share good info about euro-nude places!

nude in France

not 100% sure on the laws but, from my own experience, to be nude in a public place (I mean like a woodland, not a shopping mall!) is not an issue if you are not deliberately seeking to cause offence, if you are not a flasher you are normally ok, i...

favourite spot in Germany

the Caracalla therme in Baden Baden is not strictly a nudist resort or even a location but "hidden" on the upstairs/garden level is a fully nude sauna complex, indoor and outdoor nude sauna's. if sitting soaking up the sun, dipping...


Busloo near Apeldoorn in Holland is a great place to visit for individual, couples and families, great parking, Toilets and a good kiosk sellinh hot snacks and drinks. oh the lake is nice and warm too Also the is a huge sauna complex next to the...

Great idea for a group

As an American, this group may be very helpful in selecting where to visit in Europe for social nudity. Know the ins and outs, rules, and such would be of great value. I hope this will be an active group.

Croatia and Austria

Hey guys! Going to be traveling both countries during the last week of August and into September. If you want to meet up, message me and let's see what we can work out! *hugs* Chris


have lived and worked in Switzerland several times, 100% honesty, I didnt manage to break the surface of any nudist community or locations. there was a law change in 2013 that made naked hiking illegal, bummer... However, when I was there I took...

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nude in Germany

some spots, being nude appears to be absolutely no different to being clothed.... I stayed on a campsite (not a nudist one) and it was totally normal that people would walk to the showers nude, it was a bit of a shock to me at the time. lake...

euro nudes!

thought I'd set up a group to help people with their nudism in Europe, whether you live here or plan to visit, think it would be a good idea to have a group where you can share or find out about good nudist activities, sites and how nudity is...

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