Exploring The Woods Naked

Many of us have separated ourselves, at least once, from the movements and sounds and comings and goings of community life- and have done so naked in untouched nature. Whether it be hiking, swimming in a creek, climbing trees or whatever- share your experiences in the woods and forest while naked. I'll take a ceiling of trees over the ceiling of a building on any sunny day!

I was lucky enough to grow up in the country and explored the woods as a kid. Of course it naturally turned into me going out and taking various levels of clothing off until I was naked. Then it became a normal habit. Would wear bare minimum so I could strip down quicker and hang them on a tree to wander around.

Would stay out there last dark even, until my mom would yell out to come in. It was exhilarating and somehow I never got caught.

Altho I have not done this abs a full adult, I do look back on these memories before they were partially polluted by usual teenage boy activities

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RE:Growing up

Thanks for sharing this wonderful memory. Growing up in the suburbs, no such opportunities were available.

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RE:Growing up

Here is my nude story for your reading pleasure:
My Nudism Story
I have been a nudist since I took swimming lessons at the local YMCA in Racine Wisconsin in 1951 at age 5. Due to the fact that the swimsuit material of the time clogged up the pools filtration system everyone except the life guard had to swim nude. I loved swimming nude. Nudity was not unusual in my home at that time. My father was a roofer and hauled up large bundles of shingles on ladders. When he came home he stripped down and took a shower and many times he made certain his young son (me) took it with him. I was in love with his body and physique and his big penis and balls compared to my small penis and balls as a young boy. He had no qualms coming to the nude father/son YMCA swim with me. I also recall going into the single home bathroom on the main floor to use the toilet and my school teacher Mom was bathing in the tub. I looked at her, went over to her and put my finger on her bare breast and said What are those. My Mom simply said that they were breasts. Well I was satisfied and left.
The YMCA was a very major part of my upbringing and love of nudism. I went to its Boys camp in northern Wisconsin and loved going to the early morning nude dips in the private lake to wash up with your bar of floating ivory soap and towel. On Sundays every male in the camp from the camp director on down had to get nude and show up with towel and bar of floating ivory soap, due some group calisthenics such as jumping jacks, knee bends, pushups etc., and then get in the water and wash up. I always enjoyed being nude with other boys and men nude. I also enjoyed watching all the men and boys and my penises and balls flip up and down when doing the jumping jacks. I became a junior and then senior counselor at that camp and always went to the nude morning dip, weather permitting, as I love going nude outdoors and swimming nude with other nude boys/men.
Another nude experience was in physical education classes in junior and senior high school. The required showers after the classes were always communal showers where all the male students and often the instructors showered together. One unusual, but very informative and useful, senior high session was the phy-ed instructor getting nude with all the other boys and teaching them the proper way to clean their genitals in the shower using his own penis and testicles to roll back his foreskin, soap up the penis and head of the penis, then soap up his testicles and rinse. I will never forget that experience. When I went to the University of Wisconsin I routinely went to the old Armory to swim as it was males only and also was nude swimming only. I became a fraternity guy and the showers in the frat house were also communal. Obviously boys and men are used to seeing other guys nude.
My younger brother did go on a couple of nude Colorado River rafting trips with me, but his wife no longer wishes him to do that. My son did go nude with me when I took him on a trip to Cancun, but he is now married and only occasionally will go nude in the evening in his pool with his wife.
I have always slept in the nude, even though only my father and not my mother or wife sleep nude. Sadly, my wife had to have some female surgery which resulted in a smaller vagina for my penis and that was the end of sexual intercourse for her other than sucking her clitoris to orgasm sometimes I get lucky. Hence my outlet is what all men do, I masturbate regularly. There are many true benefits of male masturbation and I provide that list below.
I have been on the last two Big Nude Boat cruises sponsored by Bare Necessities.com. I loved being naked for a week or more with lots of other nudists from around the world, striking up nude conversations with them, sharing hot tubs, sharing a cabin with another male nudist, etc. I love getting nude in the locker room and sauna at the Country Club, however I have learned that it is only we older guys who will walk around nude there. The younger men cover their genitals with towels regularly while we older guys stay nude and talk to each other and shave in the nude there. Sad state of affairs in my opinion.

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RE:Growing up

Then he turned around and he stuck his finger in his asshole to get that clean also. I returned the favor and I washed his back and ass cheeks as he was cleaning his asshole. All during that time, we could hear the other boys talking and laughing as they got dressed. This went on just a few other times during the school year.

This is creepy. The teacher committed a crime here.

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RE:Growing up

What a wonderful childhood you had! thanks for sharing

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