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Why real nudist women shave down there.

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Why do nudist women prefer to shave their pubes (aka pussy)? Well let me be the first to tell some of you it is not done as an effort to hide anything! That's right women shave down there so it can be seen not hid, just like men who think nothing of letting it all hang out nothing hidden. Women appreciate being able to see and view men in all there uninhibited fashion as to not be fooled by any possible hidden imperfections that may be present including the penis (aka dick). Women who appreciate such usually use the same attitude towards themselves equally setting the trend to be seen equally as well as they way they like to see the men. That is unless he or she may have something they wish to hide like, small penis (tiny dick syndrome) or perhaps a lady has saggy lips (elephant ear labia syndrome) and these people deliberately do all that is possible to hide these imperfections, and they usually try to tell others to hide themselves as well as they do not want views of something better than them viewable. Or perhaps they were brought up as prudists with shame issues embedded, for we all know God made men and women to live and be naked unashamed.

Also we all like to see role models like when we view Olympic performers of people who take certain aspects of sports or games to the highest possible attainable levels. Or movie stars who perform and compete for awards like Oscars for best acting, these and many more competitions are appreciated by people who appreciate or enjoy seeing things they enjoy, like nudists who enjoy seeing the nude Olympics or miss nude universe pageants, it helps set goals for people to try to measure up to or aim at. We or many of us nudists realize we are physically and mentally created by God to react to the ways God created us, knowing this we should realize the way God made us in His image must correspond to the way our bodies and minds respond to such visual and physical interactions with each other as well as those in the world around us. Thus physical as well as mental responses to what we see smell or feel are in God's likeness. The world would be a very boring place without responses to seeing smelling tasting as well as emotional responses. The world is a better place when we can come out fully and interact with all the God given abilities He has given us to use and enjoy according to His design, He created an entire world out there and we should reach out to see the most of what we can see of it or what good was it for God to create it if we refuse to interact with it, it's there for a reason. Are you living your nudist life to the fullest?

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RE:Why real nudist women shave down there.

My wife used to shave for me since I asked her to. She longer shaves because she would get bad razor burns and then she started to use the magic shaving powder. She stopped since she just didnt like it anymore so I respect that.

I shave because I like the look any I found I smell less after going for a run. I dont shave to make myself look bigger. I dont need to look bigger for anyone. I am comfortable with my penis size.

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