Father And Son Nude Bonding

Fathers and Sons who have either been naked with each other or Fathers and/or Sons who have wanted to have that kind of relationship. This is a group for discussions concerning both.

Nudity and naturalness always!

Hi everyone! Happy to be in this group! I think nudity is just a beautiful thing and being naked at home is a very natural and intimate thing. Between males we understand each other even more if they are family members: everything is more natural,...

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Father and Son Nude Bonding

I was never naked with my father nor did I ever see him naked when he was alive. I feel my dad and I were never that close because of that simple fact. I think it was because he himself never really had a father figure in his life that he could talk...

Answer to Father and Son nude bonding

G'day, I have had nude bonding session with my son. When I met my wife in Tennessee and we got married I added to adult sons to my life and sadly one of our sons passed away in 2009. We also have another unofficially adopted son that my wife...

Father & Son Bonding

Greetings everyone, I am no father but I can only imagine what it would be growing nude and sharing it with my dad. I honestly and truly respect fathers and there sons. I think it is a great way to have a great experience together and bonding time....

Bathtub fun

So, just to let you know that my dad and I didn't have the best relationship growing up because he was in and out of prison. I do remember distinctly a moment where he was home and needed to take a bath. I was already ready for bed and my...

My father taught me to be a nudist.

I started to feel like getting naked because of my dad. My father was not used to using the bathroom. He bathed in our backyard. I always took the towel for him. I sold my father naked on my head that was normal. Children learn by example. I...

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