Fish Nature Camp

Naturalists (naturist and nudists) who want to visit Fish Nature Camp for recreational use such as camping, hiking,kayaking,skinny dipping and neckkid tractor driving. it's a peaceful setting for yoga and tai chi, zumba gets a little louder. The horses roam free, and wildlife abounds. The Fish River runs through the farm.

Looking good !

Just finished a three tour of the beaches at Bon Secour, ; everything is about the same, new shipwreck just west of Pirates Pass.

New Newd beaches at Lil Gin Creek

Last nights heavy rains created new sandy beaches , but also filled two swimming holes, so next time you visit Fish Nature Camp , you may find a whole new design for Little Gin Creek .


The RV Park at Fish Nature Camp will be closed for the Holidays. Camping will resume January 5th. Thank you everyone for a great 2023 Season, and Happy Newd Year toall .!

Hurrah ! Fire ban is lifted ! Bonfires begin...

We are lighting it up for Christmas !

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HOLD that FLAME. !

Yep, no bonfires until governor Mi maw lifts the State wide fire ban . So we will enjoy the Fall foliage and small campfires & BBQ s until then .


The fire ban expires this Saturday, so Fish Nature Camp will have its first bonfire of the season. We expect to have more in October and November as the Fall Weather makes camping more fun. Little Gin Creek is still dry, but the Fish River is...

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Nood Pontoon has a new group

And its a tn group called NOOD PONTOON, all charter info now posts there !

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OH NO , yellow flies !

The Nood Pontoon visited Cannon Beach yesterday, and while I was screwing the umbrella in the sand, they came. Hordes of biting flies with no respect for insect repellent. We immediately weighed anchor and sped away full throttle, hoping they would...

Wonderful cruise yesterday!

The Nood Pontoon went to Gypsy Beach yesterday, then headed over to Cannon Beach to watch dolphins. Thanks everyone !