Fitting Rooms

Experiences and photos of nudity in retail store fitting rooms.

New To The Group

G'day, My fitting room selfies were taken at our local Kmart a while ago now but I still like them. I went there to try on some bamboo ladies bikini briefs so to make it easier I just stripped naked and as these fitting rooms have solid doors...

Fitting Room Nude Pictures - Needed

Hi all, it's time to get some new fitting room pictures posted in this group! Take your pictures (you don't have to show your face) and post it. Name the department store. Have fun going out there getting undressed and taking pictures. I...

Back to Normal

Hoping with the return to normal we will soon have some folks posting fitting room selfies. :)

In the Beginning

My wife received a $50 off $100 promo card from a clothing store in the mall. Unfortunately she couldnt join me on the shopping spree. Once at the store, looking through the merchandise I found a shirt and wanted to try it on. The sales assistant...